iPaySM Online Payroll Services

Our online payroll services offer a convenient way to process payroll and view payroll reports 24 hours a day from any location. Eliminate the time, cost and hassle of producing, distributing, filing and storing paper payroll documents. You can be confident that the information you've entered on your private and secure online portal is as safe as the security used for online banking and portfolio management.

Web Employer℠:

Enjoy the time saving benefits of a paperless payroll process. Spend less time processing payroll with easy-to-use web-based payroll services. Logical navigation, simple screens and point-and-click reporting help you to manage your employee data and process payroll quickly and accurately.

Web Employee℠

Provide your employees with read-only access to electronic copies of their payroll information, including paycheck stubs, W-2’s and earnings history. Employees can access information using private and secure portal technology. Employee portals save time and effort by virtually eliminating the need to manually locate, copy and deliver payroll information to your employees.

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