Integrated Solutions

Workers' Compensation

Pay-As-You-Go Workers' Compensation ensures premium accuracy and collection on a per-payroll basis. Our service calculates your premiums using actual payroll information to maximize cash flow. This method virtually eliminates any surprise billings at your renewal. Also, our agents work for you to negotiate the best possible rate.

401(k) & Retirement Planning

We have partnered with the industry's leading retirement investment providers to offer a valuable benefit that will help improve employee job satisfaction and attract new hires. As part of our integrated payroll processing, contribution information is sent to investment providers electronically.

Receive help selecting a 401(k), profit sharing, or Simple IRA plan that meets your business needs. We have a wide range of investment choices, including the ability to work with your existing advisor.

Your plan will run smoothly with the assistance of our full service administration partners. Our experienced professionals will work with you to create a custom plan design, perform compliance testing and provide recordkeeping services. All of the legal documentation, Form 5500 and other services are provided to meet your regulatory compliance.

Time and Attendance Systems

Our web-based proactive time clock solution is an efficient way to process time and attendance for your employees. Our system features automatic and customizable proactive alerts geared towards small to mid-size businesses.

The time clock solution alerts you before problems cost you time and money!

  • Alerts you about exceptions to the rules and guidelines you define.
  • Alerts are automatic on your computer screen and can also be sent to your mobile phone via email.
  • When actual hours reach a certain threshold of scheduled hours, you will be alerted so you can take action to prevent overtime.
  • Find out about missed, late or early breaks or lunches in real time, if they are not completed within the correct timeframe for legal compliance.
  • Over 20 real-time alerts can be configured, including absenteeism, tardiness, probation and missed punch-ins and punch-outs.

No large upfront investment of time, money or long-term contracts!

  • The solution is web-based and the software is a service. No purchase of IT hardware, servers, routers, switchers or software is required.
  • Lowest entry cost- our start-up costs are typically 3% of the purchase of normal time/attendance software.
  • Less maintenance time- no IT personnel spend any time maintaining the software, server or system.
  • Everything is included in one low monthly fee- including software, server, system, technical support and all upgrades.

Unique features that are proven to reduce fraud and theft!

  • Our solutions are biometric - they use fingerprints to prevent buddy-punching.
  • Your solution is secure at a remote location. Your solution is at our partner's data center, so no one can change your software and the integrity of your data is protected.
  • An audit trail is automatically created on all changes to any information, so you know exactly who made them.
  • You have convenient password protected access. Authorized personnel can access the system anywhere, anytime with their password, in real time.
  • You can be assured on complete disaster recover. All of your data is backed up at a remote location, in case of disaster.

Integrated HR Solutions

HRIS (Human Resource Information System)

Our HRIS system integrates with our payroll solutions to provide enterprise-level features and functionality, priced to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses.

Our cost effective model of managing the workforce experience involving all stakeholders of an organization using a strategic blend of HR consulting services and on-command delivery of a centralized HR technology platform all tailored to help develop workforce excellence.

Our system allows the management of salaries, workforce compliance, benefits management, attendance, performance management and hiring and recruitment management.

Our HRIS system includes the following core modules:

Benefits Management delivers efficient and accurate benefits management, benefits new-hire and open enrollment, life-event transactions, extensive eligibility processing, complex benefit plans setup and comprehensive reporting.

  • Open and Life Event Enrollment
  • Benefit Enrollment Wizards
  • Real-Time Eligibility Processing
  • Benefit Plans Management
  • Benefit Plan Cloning
  • Dependent & Beneficiary Tracking
  • Benefit Provider Management

Recruiting Management tracks extensive job applicant information. This creates compliance and standardization of recruiting processes to improve hiring decisions, lower hiring costs, increase retention, and speed new hire and re-hire processing.

  • Applicant Master Processing
  • Extensive Applicant Data Tracking
  • Government Data Compliance
  • Requisition Management
  • Event Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • New-Hire Processing
  • Recruiting Staff Management
  • Hiring Manager Applicant
  • Approval Workflow

Client Management uses a multi-client architecture to manage client-specific information, business processes, expense tracking, and call center management.

  • Client Account Setup
  • Client Process Defaults
  • Earnings & Deduction Setup
  • Call Center Management
  • Client Expense Tracking
  • Accounting & ERP Integration

HR Reference

A subscription service providing quick reference to a variety of HR resources, such as hiring practices, employment laws, HR news, forms and more. By leveraging the power of the Internet to deliver HR solutions and services directly to the desktop, firms enjoy maximum flexibility and convenience at an affordable price. There is also an option which provides the client unlimited email and telephone access to a national network of HR professionals.


Integrated Payroll Systems, through its partners, offers group health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance plans. Our licensed partners represent carriers nationwide and can also assist in obtaining individual and family coverage.


There is a better way to pay employees. We provide the most comprehensive, easy to use payment card that enables employers to reduce costs, enhance efficiencies and eliminate liabilities. With industry-leading technology, adherence to full compliance and commitment to provide the very best in service and support, we exceed expectations at every step:

  • Employers needing to reduce operating costs
  • Financial Institutions striving to meet all the payment needs of commercial clients
  • Payroll Providers seeking to differentiate themselves with value-added solutions
  • Employees seeking a better way to make it in this world without predatory financial service operators and their outrageous fees

With PayPartners™, you can electronically pay all your employees, even those who are unbanked. And, best of all, getting started is simple. Speak to your Dedicated Payroll Specialist and you will be on your way to simplifying your next payroll.

Contact us today for more information on Integrated Solutions!


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