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Integrated Payroll Systems is a leader in integrating payroll solutions for small and midsize businesses nationally. We have an extremely high client retention since our inception in 1998, which evidences exceptional customer service. Our retention rate is achieved by dedicating an account management team to every client and executing a proactive account management process.

Integrated Payroll Systems, Inc. was founded by John Arvanites, CPA and Sam Arvanites in 1998. They saw the lack of quality service and simplified reporting and pricing of payroll to many businesses. Using their accounting background, they designed a model focusing on customer service and simplifying the payroll process. By readily providing the information accountants and the reports business owners require, Integrated Payroll Systems continues to grow nationally.

Integrated Payroll Systems is a sensible solution to payroll for one employee to thousands of employees, because of our customer service, our variety of solutions and our fully-disclosed pricing.

Exceptional Service

Each client is assigned to a Dedicated Payroll Specialist that deals with all aspects of the payroll process from start to finish. Our Dedicated Payroll Specialists get to know their clients and have a better understanding of their needs and ultimately customize their solution to their needs.

Account managers communicate with clients regularly during the payroll process. IPS develops an account management plan with each client which typically includes quarterly meetings and an annual stewardship assessment. This approach sets expectations, provides for early intervention and furthers the intangible aspects of high touch relationship management. This approach sets expectations and provides for early intervention if any issues arise.


We are investing in enhancing our existing suite of solutions and products to meet with regulatory requirements and the needs of businesses continuously.

Our solutions, products and professional partnershIPS℠ are streamlined to provide seamless integration with your organization. It is our goal that our expanding variety of payroll and human resource solutions helps you run your business more efficiently.


Due to our lower cost structure, Integrated Payroll Systems, Inc. are able to offer competitive, stable pricing.

We believe in fully-disclosing our fees from the start, in an easy to understand format. We do not believe in "Ad-hoc" costs or teaser rates, which is not part of our pricing strategy. Our pricing is all inclusive, eliminating any surprises anytime during the year. Your payroll period cost includes all fees associated with processing your payroll.


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